Tulum Yoga Retreats

You don't know where to practice yoga and you are searching for the best yoga and meditation retreats in Tulum, Mexico? Even if this practice is far from Mayan culture, it will give wellness to your body and make you feel at your best. Check out our guide and be ready to love doing yoga and healing your body and your mind. Alessia and Eddy from Digital Nomad Couple also wrote an essential guide to the best yoga retreats in Tulum: don’t miss it! Decide to attend different classes or book a complete retreat in a hotel or a resort close to the beach and the Caribbean ocean. Let's meet on the home page for more informations.

Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum, located near the amazing Caribbean Sea, is among the best resorts in Tulum. This beach is the perfect place to find your yoga retreat class in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico at a daily time. Practice meditation or experience yoga vinyasa classes in front of the open Caribbean ocean, has no price and will make you love Tulum. This will permit you and the person who held the class to check your life and make it great.

Known for its eco-friendly practices, this hotel aims to awaken the spirits indoors and has yoga retreat classes throughout the day. Equipped with a yoga studio to the sea, you can feel the salty sea air blowing in the wind as you try to find your inner peace. Meditation will be a great effect of practicing yoga in the morning on the beach of the beautiful Tulum. A pool or a view on the beach is included. The rooms have a low price so that you can be open to experience these yoga classes.

Don't forget to take part in free sunrise meditation to fully appreciate the joy of blooming buds on a new amazing day, or enjoy yoga retreats lessons in Vinyasa on Tulum Beach itself.


With the wonders of free nights in a tent and yoga vinyasa retreats in mind at a daily time, forest-inspired rooms and tree-top retreats, Nômade offers a unique adventure for every kind of visitor. This beachfront property close to the Mayan site is more of a private beach and jungle and creates a secret oasis where you can make the most of your full wellness trip. Among the many great self-discovery facilities, such as nest talks and thank you tents, you will have a unique space to explore different areas of self-discovery. A pool or a view on the beach is included.

A balanced yoga hall space develops positive reprogramming to ensure that negative behaviors and thoughts are a thing of the past.

Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort

Back in the day, exactly in January 2021, this spa and yoga was founded. Zenses is in a traditional great Mexican Caribbean jungle style, close to the Mayan site. Equipped with a spa, state-of-the-art restaurant and yoga facilities, Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort can prepare you for the coming year at a daily time. This resort offers yoga in a wide free range of premium Tulum yoga retreats styles that can treat a variety of ailments healing your body during your yoga vinyasa practice, such as mind fatigue and lack of sleep. Whether you are looking for power yoga for back problems or looking for meditative yoga to relieve depression, this yoga resort in the amazing Tulum is sure to make it easier for you. Moreover you will also be able to pay in usd.


Surrounded by palm trees, panoramic views and tranquil vibes, Amansala yoga retreat is a dream landscape full of beautiful delights. The name is inspired by the Sanskrit word for "Peace Waters''. This yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico includes the belief in going back as an improved version of self after a vacation within it, and that's great. A pool or a view on the beach is included.

The eco-friendly Amansala Resort offers a range of classes, days to book and packages to suit your individual requirements at a daily time. The most focused yoga package in the set is the six-day Retreat and Renew retreat. Between writing a diary and meditating, yoga focuses on strengthening and toning. Moreover you will also be able to pay in usd.

Why choose a yoga stay in Tulum?

Tulum is a very special place to book yoga retreats, and a lovely Mexican destination for the practice of Yoga. It is located only 90 minutes south of Cancun and on the Caribbean coast. It is a spiritual and health center due to its relaxed atmosphere, tropical climate, white sandy beach, lush greenery and turquoise waters, and a Mayan spirit. Moreover you will also be able to pay in usd.

In search of the biggest possible relaxation, every year, many yogis travel to Tulum. There are many spas, wellness facilities and retreats that are well-known for their healing properties. You can also explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, which has a breathtaking beauty, during your yoga retreat vacation in Tulum.

Most yoga vinyasa retreats here are just 10-15 minutes from the city in the beach or in the jungles, and not in a closed room, and are held in wellness centers near the beach in Tulum. All kinds of accommodation are offered here, and you can choose from many boutique hotels, private villages and resorts - that are first-class in this area. There are also various kinds of outdoor adventures that can provide you with a lot of excitement. Experience Ziplin, quad biking in the woods, cycling, scuba diving, snorkeling etc are some of the most popular activities that you can indulge in, while going for any of the premium Tulum yoga retreats here.